The WestWind Advanced Materials Development Team designed, fabricated, tested, and provided this lightweight armor with IRAD funding.

The purpose of this IRAD was to develop and test a lightweight solution for vehicle armor with the supporting analytical data, perform environmental testing and successfully defeat live fire ballistic testing up to 20mm rounds. The panels are repairable and can be provided with impact trajectory indicators.

5.2a-blackhawk floor 720

The result of this effort yielded a Black Hawk floor replacement that provides a weight reduction, increased ballistic protection to the crew for up to 30 cal. Armor Piercing (M2AP) 5.2b-seat pallet 720rounds with a strike velocity of 3000 ft/sec at 6.5 lbs/ft2. V50 tests demonstrate 2785 ft/sec protection.

Continuing improvements resulted in the development of OH-58 Kiowa ballistic doors, Martin Baker seat pallets with integrated protection, and an appliqué armor system for ground vehicles. The fabrication process allows the material to be formed into curves or acute angles up to 120 degrees. The inherent properties in the design also provide acoustic noise reduction thus reducing crew fatigue.

5.2c-OH58 door 7205.2d-OH58 floor panel 7205.2e-range target scoring protection 720

Download Lightweight Ballistic Protection Brochure [PDF, 303kb]

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