The WestWind Quick Connect Hoist Arm System (HAS) IRAD began in 2006 and resulted in an Air Worthiness Release (AWR) in 2010.

The purpose of the Quick-Connect ESSS Hoist Arm System (HAS) IRAD was to develop a mission kit that could be permanently installed or removed for weight reduction without any airframe structural modifications. The HAS makes use of the ESSS hard points on the Black Hawk to mount either the Breeze Eastern or the Goodrich electric rescue hoist. The HAS has an Air Worthiness Release (AWR) for the UH-60L/M aircraft and the commercial S-70i. It is in use by the U.S. Army MEDEVAC community, Saudi Arabian air rescue, Mexico border patrol and the U.S. Homeland Security Border Protection.

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Once the A-Kit electrical system installation is completed the HAS removal and installation time is less than 30 minutes. HAS weight, including control panels, electrical harness and mechanical components, is less than 125 pounds. It has undergone complete environmental, shock and vibration, crash loads, and pull tests with a margin of safety greater than 3x.

Download Hoist Arm System Brochure [PDF, 999kb]

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