WestWind has developed a line of products with Internal Research and Development (IRAD) funds, many resulting in patents.

Hoist Arm System (HAS)
The HAS was developed as a mission kit to be mounted on the H-60 or S-70 helicopter ESSS hardpoints to support rescue operations without requiring the aircraft to carry over two hundred pounds when it wasn't in use.  The removable HAS can be installed in less than 30 minutes.  The HAS is compatible with both the Breeze Eastern and the Goodrich electric hoists.  This system is currently being used as a permanent installation on many domestic and foreign aircraft.

Lightweight Ballistic Protection System
This ballistic protection system was initially developed to provide a cost savings to the government by eliminating the need to write two MWOs (one for subsystem installation with BPS and one without the overlay BPS installation).  During the development of the composite lightweight ballistic protection system we realized that not only could we provide more protection to the crew but we could reduce the overall weight of the aircraft by replacing the floor boards and BPS overlay system with the WestWind LBPS floors.

Bumper Guard
The cable deflector more commonly known as the "bumper guard" was developed to reduce the manufacturing costs, material costs, and decrease the delivery time.  We were successful in all areas; the manufacturing costs were reduced by re-defining the fabrication process, the cost and schedule were reduced by eliminating the need to use sheet titanium. 

Control By-Pass Adapter
The WestWind Control By-Pass Adapter (CBA) was developed to reduce procurement and schedule costs; fabrication costs were reduced by incorporating many small piece parts into the injection molding (reducing assembly time), and schedule delays were eliminated by fabricating the CBA as an injection molding in large quantities.

Infrared Anti-Collision Strobe Light
The IR anti-collision strobe light was developed to eliminate the need to exchange the visible anti-collision light with an IR collision light when entering a combat theatre and then exchanging it back upon exiting the theatre.  This design allows the aircraft to remain configured for switchable visible and IR operations for use in either friendly or hostile airspace.

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