The Microclimate Cooling System (MCS) is used to provide personal cooling and heat stress mitigation to soldiers subjected to elevated ambient temperatures or wearing thermally restrictive clothing.

microclimate logo 180The Microclimate Cooling System is liquid based (water-glycol mixture as cooling medium) and consists of an aircraft or vehicle mounted Microclimate Cooling Unit (MCU), Microclimate Cooling Garment (MCG), interconnecting umbilical with integral cooling power control pod and a mounting tray.

The MCS has also been qualified for use on combat and tactical vehicles. The Microclimate Cooling Systems have been fielded on the M1 tank, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, Stryker family of vehicles, M88, Light Armored Vehicle (LAV), and the M9 ACE.

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“I just got back from my first flight with it a couple of hours ago. We flew 5.5 hours in 120 degrees and it worked awesome. The crew agreed this system is the best thing we've done for the helicopter since we put a rotor on it!”
— Helicopter Pilot in Iraq

“I wanted to pass on to you that since we have had the vests they have become increasingly popular with the platoon — they argue over who gets to wear them. They wanted me to ask for more of them.”
— Infantry Soldier in Iraq

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