WTI maintains the capability to deploy multi-disciplined support teams to locations around the globe.

In the past three years we’ve performed aircraft modifications at OCONUS locations including Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, Egypt, Jordan and Australia; and CONUS locations including Barstow and Sacramento, California; Ft. Bragg, North Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; Groton, Connecticut; Ft. Campbell, Kentucky; Reno, Nevada; Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama. We’ve developed pre-packaged deployment support kits containing the tools and parts necessary for the effort that is shipped prior to the team’s departure ensuring that they are ready to begin work the moment they arrive.

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WTI’s experienced hangar operations team has extensive troubleshooting, testing and repair capability on a wide variety of aircraft components. With a full complement of tools and testing equipment, our technicians are able to diagnose the most complex problems for repair before delivery.

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