WestWind's electrical fabrication processes and procedures meet ESD requirements and NASA standards.

  • 2.1.1a-cmws elec assy 720
  • 2.1.1b-tfps harness 720
  • 2.1.1d-wire marker 720
  • 2.1.1e-dit mco 720

WestWind’s Electrical Fabrication shop produces and tests electrical component assemblies, junction boxes, control panels, electrical harnesses, umbilical hoses, and control boxes from schematics and drawings. Our employees are highly trained and monitor every aspect of electrical assembly to ensure that the highest quality products are produced.

Soldering in accordance with (IAW) IPC J-STD-001.

Fabrication IAW IPC/WHMA-A-620, Class 3 and IPC-A-610, and testing of single prototypes to full production of electrical/electronic assemblies.

Laser and Inkjet Wire Marking capabilities allows us to print to virtually any specification for nearly all wire types currently in service.

DIT-MCO testing equipment provides the backbone of our electrical assembly quality assurance program. WestWind has a variety of testing equipment which takes us quickly from prototype and first article builds to full production scanning.

WestWind’s electrical fabrication equipment includes:

NovaJet ink wire marking machine
Nova 640 laser wire marking machine
DIT-MCO 2115 and 2135 Continuity and Hi-Pot Testers
Cirrus Cablescan Series 90 Cable Tester System
Agilent 33220A Waveform Generator
Calibrated Soldering Irons and Crimp Tools both manual and pneumatic
Calibrated Wire Strippers
Schlueniger Jackstrip 8300 Wire Stripper
Schleuniger Unistrip 2600 Wire Stripper
Segregated Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) work area
Sumimark SM4 Shrink Sleeve Marking Machine
Tyco T312M Sleeve Printer
Bren CP624 and Summa DC4 Stencil/Decal Machines
Spectrum Capris laser wire marker
Shart SX Automatic Bagger Packaging System/Printer

2.1.1c-PIP1 harness 720 

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