WestWind has a robust Engineering Analysis capability that performs the necessary analysis to verify and validate designs and to support operational release and approval.

2.2.4a-FEMAP 720Analysis capabilities include but are not limited to; Electrical Loads Analysis (ELA), Failure Modes and Effects Criticality Analysis (FMECA), Reliability, Accessibility and Maintainability (RAM) Analysis, Electromagnetic Interference/Compatibility (EMI/EMC) Analysis, Safety Assessment Reports (SAR), Hazards Analysis, Level of Repair Analysis (LORA), Mass Properties analysis, Stress and Structural Analysis, Vibration Analysis, Aerodynamic Drag Analysis and Thermal Analysis.

2.2.4b-PATRAN 720Analysis software tools include:

  • MSC NASTRAN®, FEMAP®, MATHCAD®, CosmosWorks, CFDesign, and MS Excel®.
  • PREDICT® – for standards based reliability analysis
  • BlockSim® – used for system level fault tree identification
  • CFDesign® - used for aerodynamic and flow analysis
  • FMEA Accelerator® – used for FMEA and related analysis
  • RCM++® - Reliability Centered Maintenance Analysis
  • Degradation Analysis - used to extrapolate failure times from performance data
  • QuietExpert – used for EMI and EMC analysis
  • Ultiboard – for PCB design
  • Ultiroute - for PCB part routing and placement
  • Multisim – used for PCB and circuit simulations



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