SbAST logo 180This is a 7-year Multiple IDIQ intended to meet the needs of AFMC Program Directors and Single Managers for speed and flexibility by providing a multi-dimensional task ordering capability, and sufficient ceiling and scope for command (AFMC) - wide usage.

Teammate to: Scientific Research Corporation (SRC); Support Systems Associates, Inc. (SSAI)

Authorized users: Centralized ordering at Robins AFB (AFSC/PZIE-R); Decentralized ordering at Robins AFB, Tinker AFB, and Hill AFB

Contract Period of Performance: Oct 2010 to Oct 2017

Program Ceiling: $402M

Available Order Types:
Fixed Price (FP) - Profit negotiated at D/TO
Labor Hour (LH) - Profit negotiated at D/TO and profit capped at 10%
Time and Material (T&M) - profit included in rates (10% max)
Cost Reimbursable (CR) - fee negotiated at D/TO
Incentive Types - Award Fee and Incentive Fee Available

Scope Includes:

  • Sustainment support of Air Force operated weapon systems, support systems, subsystems, components, and related services
  • Modification, Maintenance
  • Repairs, Spares, and Services
  • Foreign Military Sales
  • Partnerships
  • Direct Sales Partnership Agreements
  • Workshare Partnership Agreement

About SbAST: It is intended to be an optional contracting tool that will effectively provide acquisition and sustainment support for all Air Force managed weapon systems and support systems, line replaceable units, shop replaceable units and components. SbAST will establish the means for the procurement of requirements to include modifications (hardware & software) for the enhancement of reliability, serviceability, maintainability, and performance. Additionally, the program/contract(s) will include improved/expanded form/fit/function development programs, procurement of previously owned aircraft, depot partnering opportunities, and maintenance. SbAST may include spares and repairs which qualify as critical, limited and/or contingency and sole source services to a SbAST contractor. In addition, services that are not reasonably severable from the development, modification or depot maintenance efforts may be included.

POC: Contracts Department 256-319-0137 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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