WestWind's approach to kit assembly, marking and packaging ensures a complete and accurate product delivery every time.

3.3.1-kit assembly 720The Work Order Traveler (WOT) incorporates the sequence of operations for making and verifying the product. In-process inspections are performed at established “steps” on the WOT or written inspection instructions, or when there is an occurrence of some nature that indicates a special inspection is appropriate. Space is provided at each step in the WOT to clearly indicate the product’s inspection and test status. Acceptance/rejection status is documented on the WOT.

During in-process inspection, required supporting documentation (e.g.; instructions, procedures, drawings, specifications, bulletins, standards, manuals, visual aids, etc.) is made available and used where the work is being performed. In addition, dimensional in-process inspections are also recorded on the Inspection Report form.

Final inspection is carried out on all products to ensure that the product and paperwork are complete and in accordance with specifications. Final inspection consists of; checks of configuration; latest revision verification; closure of nonconformities; when applicable, workmanship; and test results. Final inspection results are documented with objective evidence that the finished product conforms to specified requirements.

WestWind performs a final acceptance inspection on 100% of our manufactured products unless acceptance sampling is allowed by the customer. When acceptance sampling is used, the sample is selected in accordance with an approved sampling plan.

The WOT has a step for final inspection for product fabricated internally. All dimensional inspections are documented on WTI’s inspection report.

All inspections that are completed by Quality, including purchased parts, are maintained in accordance with WTI’s record retention requirements. The Quality Control inspector indicates the final inspection acceptance or rejection status.

A Physical Configuration Audit (PCA) is conducted on each subsystem to examine the actual configuration of the Configuration Item (CI) in order to verify that the related documentation matches the design of the deliverable item.

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