WTI provides warehousing, packaging and shipping solutions to most of its customer base in accordance with Statement of Work (SOW) requirements. WestWind packages kits on a daily basis in accordance with customer's requirements, per MILSTD-2073-1D Level "A" Packaging Data requirements, Commercial, and OEM unique requirements.

3.3.2a-packaging 720The “mechanics” of WTI’s kitting, shipping and warehousing processes are handled by our Finesse® ERP system. Bar coding operations are performed at multiple locations throughout the production process; raw material/parts receiving; material/parts issue; and during kitting operations, as part of the finalization process prior to shipping. Bar scanners are utilized to scan part numbers into WTI’s inventory control system to ensure accurate product traceability including vendor, lot numbers etc. All parts and components fabricated have full traceability to manufacturer, vendor, and production lot date with this information being integrated into planning documents and archived with WTI’s inventory control system. This ensures complete traceability for the life of the part should the customer require any investigative inquiries.

3.3.2b-TFPS shipment 720Additionally, WTI is experienced in special handling and packaging for assets susceptible to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). As a result of our extensive experience supporting the US Army and other US Military Services with kits to be used in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom (OIF/OEF), WTI is fully knowledgeable of the unique packaging requirements needed for both Maritime shipping and subsequent long term storage in a hot, humid and dusty environment. We maintain barcode, Unique Identification Designator (UID) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) capability and also provide customized labeling on an “As Required Basis.” WTI has extensive global shipping expertise and maintains a robust Carrier and Broker Network.




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