WestWind's approach to Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) is an integrated and iterative process for developing materiel and a support strategy that optimizes functional support, leverages existing resources, and guides the system engineering process to quantify and lower life cycle cost and decrease the logistics footprint, making the system easier to support.  

Guidelines and processes are in place that provide managers and engineers with a practical, concurrent engineering approach to developing, executing and funding individual Production Engineering and Planning (PEP) programs. A Producability Integrated Product Team (IPT) focuses on producibility, obsolescence and counterfeit parts at the very start of the program and conducts a coordinated PEP program that balances design and producability, product requirements, and incorporates proven manufacturing processes. It is intended to identify potential manufacturing and logistics problems early and suggest design and production changes or schedule trade-offs to facilitate the production process. Additionally the PEP includes the DA PAM 73-5 Operational Test and Guidelines, DA Cost Analysis Manual, and MIL-HDBK-881B Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) guidelines to insure current and accurate performance/schedule/cost tracking and reporting.

This approach provides feedback at the appropriate design levels early in the design phase to ensure product performance requirements compliance, manufacturing risk reductions and mitigation, on-time delivery of quality products, and ultimately logistic readiness.


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